Change Your View of Dentures with Implant Support

Poor dental health, gum disease or just the natural course of aging can lead to tooth loss. But people who have lost all their natural teeth still have the right to enjoy life’s simple pleasures, like eating their favorite food and sharing happy moments with family and friends. And although, removable dentures have helped many patients replace their lost natural teeth and get back to their usual routine, it’s only a matter of time before dentures start to become loose and begin slipping. When this happens, mealtimes can become difficult and frustrating.

If you are one of these denture-wearers and you have used up all the denture adhesive you have and still get disappointed with your loose dentures, then it’s time for you to meet with us to discuss implant-supported dentures. As the name indicates, this type of denture comes with implants or small titanium posts that are embedded into the jaw bone under the gum to replace lost tooth roots. The implants then easily snap on to a retaining fixture attached to the dentures to give you a strong, solid hold while you eat, speak or smile.

Implant-supported dentures make use of small titanium posts, so even patients with extreme bone loss can benefit from this procedure. The procedure is minimally invasive as it requires only a few implants to be inserted; you can immediately experience the comfort and improvement in your speech and chewing ability. Not only that, but you’ll gain your confidence back!

Don’t waste your time fooling with ill-fitting dentures! Take the next step to implant-supported dentures so that you can get back to all the foods, fun, and smiling that you used to enjoy! Contact us today to set up an appointment, and let us know what you miss most about your natural teeth!