Denture Care 101

A lot of us won’t be able to chew, speak, or smile properly without the help of dentures. While they do take some getting used to, dentures are the most cost-effective means for replacing missing teeth. As cost-effective as they are, you still don’t want to have to replace them due to lack of care. Whether they’re partial or full dentures, it’s best to have them clean so that you not only look your best, but keep your gums healthy, too.

Before you start cleaning your dentures, always remember to place a thick, soft towel on the counter or sink where you’ll clean them. This way, should your dentures slip from your hands, they won’t hit a hard surface where they could shatter or suffer irreparable damage.
Cleaning your dentures should be done using a soft-bristled toothbrush along with some denture cleaner. Hard and stiff bristles can damage your dentures. Abrasive cleaning materials such as strong toothpaste can also harm your false teeth. Simply brush your dentures gently to remove food and debris and rinse them over running water afterwards.

Take a Minute for Your Mouth, Too

While it’s important to clean your dentures daily, don’t forget to clean your mouth as well. Use a separate soft-bristled toothbrush to gently massage your gums, your tongue, and the insides of your cheeks. Swish some mouthwash afterwards for a really clean mouth.
The most important step for maintaining your dentures is to keep it soaked in cool water overnight. Dentures could dry up, causing them to lose their shape, which in turn can cause problems with their fit inside your mouth. Before you place your dentures back in your mouth in the morning, rinse them with some water.

Just because you are using false teeth doesn’t mean your mouth is off the hook! Routine dentist appointments are still necessary to maintain the health of your mouth. We are still looking for signs of gum disease, oral cancer, and the fit of your dentures. Contact us today to set up your appointment, and let us help you keep your dentures functioning for years to come!