Change The Way You Think About Gum Disease Treatment

About four out of every five people will be diagnosed with gum disease. This is an absolutely shocking statistic when you consider how simple it is to prevent gum disease! Gum disease is a progressive infection that begins as gingivitis. A good dental cleaning will clear this infection, but if it’s left alone, it will progress into periodontitis. If caught early, periodontitis can be cleared with deep level cleaning called root scaling. If left alone, periodontitis will deeply infect your gums and cause damage to your tooth and the bone supporting your tooth. When the infection is this deep, we have to take things to the next level: a surgical procedure.

Traditionally, this procedure is done with surgical instruments. Dentists would need to go in, clear the infection, and try to piece your gums back together to create a healthy smile. Statistics don’t show much success with this procedure since after 5 years, only 5% of patients were still stable. It’s definitely time for a change in the way we treat gum disease. That’s why we turned to the latest in dental technology: Periolase

The Periolase Gives You Hope

Rather than using metal surgical instruments on your sensitive, delicate gums, we will use the Periolase dental laser. This instrument is perfect for such a precise procedure. We can clear out the infection and damaged tissue so that you body has a chance to regenerate healthy gums and bone, giving you a chance at a healthy smile. That statistics don’t like. Remember that measly 5% of patients who were stable after 5 years from traditional gum surgery? Periolase patients who were stable after 5 years reached the 98% mark! That’s an incredible improvement!

The best way to treat gum disease is to avoid gum disease. Follow the recommended brushing, flossing, and regularly schedule dental cleanings routine to prevent gum disease from ever showing up in your mouth! Call us today to schedule your dental cleaning, and we can further discuss how you can keep your mouth healthy! We look forward to seeing you soon!