Are You Getting Your Four Minutes?

Caring for your teeth requires initiative on your part. They won’t clean themselves, and we can’t keep them healthy with one cleaning every six months. No, you must find a way to follow the recommended cleaning routine proposed by the American Dental Association (ADA). They recommend brushing for two minutes, twice a day. They also recommend flossing once per day and scheduling a dental cleaning and exam every six months! By following this routine, you aren’t guaranteeing perfectly healthy teeth, but you are drastically lowering your risk of decay, infection, and other common dental problems. We’ve put together a list of three suggestions to make sure you are following your daily dental routine at home!

1) Grab a Buddy!

Accountability is a fantastic way to make sure that you stick to a plan. If you share your home with someone, make a plan to brush and floss together. Hold one another accountable for that time, and take care of business!

2) Use Technology!
Technology is definitely our friend! With a smartphone, you can set an alarm to repeat everyday. You can even add a message to that alarm, so you can set a reminder for yourself to brush your teeth! You can even use the timer on your phone to ensure that you are brushing for your full two minutes!

3) Get a Smart Toothbrush!
Dental companies have been paying attention to the ADA and have created toothbrushes that will do the timing for you! Timer toothbrushes begin a two minute cycle when you push “On.” They won’t stop running until the two minutes is complete, so you don’t even have to think about it! You just brush until your toothbrush turns off.

Two minutes is longer than you might be thinking. We dare you to time yourself the next time you brush, and see where you come in! Make sure you are getting a full four minutes of brushing every single day! Don’t forget to floss before your nightly brushing! Last, but definitely not least, call us today to schedule your dental exam and cleaning! Take charge of your dental health, and get yourself on the way to a happier, healthier smile!