Dental Implants that End Your Denture Woes

Here in Carrollton, TX, we see a lot of patients who are struggling with their dentures, which is a real shame. We have some great denture solutions at our dental office, but that doesn’t mean that they’ll work for everyone or that every patient is willing to take the steps necessary to maintain a great denture experience.

It takes some work, after all, to maintain dentures. For these patients, and any patient who simply wants a better denture experience, we recommend supplementing your dentures with dental implants.

Ill-fitting or unhealthy dentures are doing you no good at all. In fact, they can be causing harm to your health and your lifespan. Don’t put up with it! Find a better solution right here at Ronald L. Proctor, DDS.

When Dentures Don’t Cut It

There are many things that can affect the way your dentures are functioning, but we want to focus on the things you’ll notice. You won’t be able to tell if your jaw bone is receding or if your dentures weren’t made properly, but you will notice some of the issues below.

Slippery: Your dentures will be slippery. They just won’t stay in place! Even adhesives won’t keep those dentures in place long enough for you to get through a meal, and your gums are beginning to feel the pain of constant friction! This is a problem!

Unable to Eat: The primary function of dentures is to replace your teeth so that you can chew and speak properly. When dentures aren’t functioning well, you won’t be able to eat the foods you love. You won’t be able to chew well, and your health will suffer from the poor diet you’re forced to eat.

Lack of Confidence: If your dentures aren’t working well, you won’t feel confident. You will be self-conscious when you smile, eating around friends and family will be difficult, and you just won’t feel like yourself. It’s time for a change.

A Dental Implant Solution

The great news is that we are able to offer a different sort of solution. That’s right, you aren’t stuck dealing with slippery or ill-fitting dentures for the rest of your life. We can adjust your dentures and improve the quality of your fit, but if you aren’t happy, there is a better answer in dental implants.

Implant Supported Dentures

The implant supported denture solution allows you to keep your dentures, but it gives you a chance to make those dentures work better for you. Let’s take a quick look at how implant supported dentures really work.

Keep Your Dentures: In most cases, you will be able to keep your current dentures, but we will have to fit them with small metal pieces that will click into your new dental implants. If your dentures are old or worn, we might recommend purchasing a new pair with the connections already in place.

Add Support: The idea of dental implant supported dentures is to add support to your dentures so that they function better. We will place a few implants around the arches of your mouth, and your dentures will connect to those implants. You’ll feel the difference immediately!

Live a Better Life: Once your dentures are secure, you’ll be able to eat what you want, smile confidently, and go about your life as if you still had your natural teeth! There is no concern that your teeth will fall out, that your jaw will begin to sag, or any of the other common denture complaints. You’ll be living a better life from this one, simple dental procedure.

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