Dental Bridges


Dental Bridges in Carrolton, Texas

Teeth can be lost due to trauma, disease or poor oral hygiene. It’s important to replace missing teeth as soon as possible not only to restore your chewing ability and improve your smile, but also to avoid bite problems from teeth drifting into the open space where a tooth was removed and jaw bone deterioration since a root no longer is there. One of the most popular ways to restore missing teeth is dental bridges.

Bridges are dental appliances that “bridge” the space left by a missing tooth. A typical bridge consists of two components: the abutment crowns and the pontic. The abutment teeth are teeth on either side or one side of the gap. These teeth are covered with dental crowns to serve as anchors for the artificial tooth in the middle (pontic). Sometimes, metal “wings” are used to hold the pontic instead of crowns.

Fixed Bridges

Bridges can be fixed or removable. Removable bridges are also called partial dentures. The artificial teeth are attached to a gum colored resin base and metal framework. Thin wires extend from the framework and keep the removable bridge in place by gripping the teeth. Fixed bridges are permanently joined to adjacent teeth.

There are different types of fixed bridges, but the most stable and secure type is anchored by dental implants. Implant-retained fixed bridges are supported by titanium implants screwed into the jaw bone. Once the implant threads fuse with the bone, it creates the most secure foundation for crowns, bridges, and dentures.

Dr. Proctor will choose the best type of bridge depending on the location of the missing tooth/teeth and the health of the neighboring teeth. If the adjacent teeth are too weak to support crowns or you are missing several teeth, dental implants may be used to anchor the bridge or denture.

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