Dental Checkups

Checkups and Hygiene at This Office

[ytplayer id="urg8FJiF5Ow"] Regular checkups and excellent oral hygiene are important in preventing dental disease and keeping your mouth healthy for a lifetime. Checkups are also essential in maintaining good overall health. You should visit your dentist at least twice a year or more frequently if you are at high risk of developing cavities and gum disease.

What Happens During a Routine Checkup?

During your visit at Dr. Proctor’s office a thorough mouth evaluation will be performed. This includes teeth, bite and TMJ exam, gum evaluation to check for gum disease, and oral cancer screening. We will check each tooth for cracks, decay, erosion and check any existing dental work.

You can also expect a professional cleaning from one of our hygienists. If we find any gum problem that requires a more involved treatment, we may need to schedule that treatment for another date. Teeth cleaning removes plaque, tartar and bacteria that brushing and flossing fail to remove. The hygienist will use a very comfortable high-frequency vibrating handpiece to loosen and wash away plaque and hardened calculus between the teeth and beneath the gums. She will also use some small hand instruments to assist in the cleaning. After cleaning, your teeth will be polished to make the surfaces smooth. This makes it harder for bacteria to accumulate on the enamel.

Depending on your dental history and how recently you’ve had X-rays taken, a dental checkup may also include:

• Digital individual X-rays and/or digital panoramic X-rays. Dr. Proctor uses safe, low-radiation X-rays that show each tooth and the entire mouth in detail.
• Head and neck examination – looking for new growths, lumps and swellings.
• Fillings and routine dental work. Complex treatments can be scheduled at a later date.

It’s Never Too Late to See Your Carrollton Dentist!

It’s OK if it’s been several years since your last dental appointment. We are a guilt-free and lecture-free practice, and we care only about keeping your mouth in optimal health. We’re happy that you’ve taken this step to maintaining great oral health!

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