Laser Gum Therapy

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Gum disease affects many adults. Early-stage gum disease (gingivitis) can be easily reversed with good oral hygiene and regular professional cleanings, but advanced gum disease (periodontitis) requires specialized care. If you have advanced periodontitis but are terrified of gum surgery, your Carrollton dentist has great news for you.

Dr. Proctor uses state-of-the-art laser gum therapy with a Periolase laser to restore your gums to optimal health—without incisions, stitches, or pain! Lasers are revolutionizing the way dentists remove diseased tissues and bacteria. Unlike conventional cut and sew procedures that generally have a longer and more uncomfortable healing period and frequently shortens the height of your gums, the wavelength of the Periolase laser beam is set to target diseased tissue and preserve healthy tissue. The healthy gum is left where it is, to act as a matrix for new tissue to grow back in and reattach to the teeth. There is minimal bleeding and little or no downtime or pain.

Painless Gum Disease Treatment with LANAP™

Introducing the innovative way to treat gum disease: LANAP™ or Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure. Dr. Proctor uses the FDA-approved, minimally-invasive LANAP™ procedure to treat gum disease with the Periolase laser. LANAP™ is just as effective as traditional gum surgery, however, the procedure is regenerative of new tissue attachment within the old pocket height, instead of lowering the gum height to shorten the pocket.

LANAP™ treatment uses lasers so there are no stitches, less trauma, and reduced risk of infection and tooth sensitivity. If your teeth are loose due to advanced gum disease, LANAP™ treatment is the most affordable way to save your teeth and improve your smile. Here’s what to expect during treatment:

Your dentist first measures how deep the gum pockets are and identifies diseased areas for removal. Dr. Proctor uses a special laser to kill bacteria, remove diseased tissues, and sanitize the area. An ultrasonic unit (Piezo) is used to scale and clean out tartar deposits around the tooth roots. Dr. Proctor switches back to the laser to clean the gum pockets a second time and form a sticky clot to seal the gum pocket instead of using stitches and the patient is then allowed to heal.

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View these videos to learn more about this advanced treatment for gum disease: