Bob M. Emergency

When I was hunting around, I needed someone very quickly because I was hurting. I’m sure they changed their schedules around and fit me in, took care of me, and that impressed me, but even from the time you open the front door to the time you leave, you feel that they care about you. And they want you to have a good dental experience. Even my in-laws, who are up in their eighties and nineties, they can’t say enough good things about this office, this dental office. And my wife had some serious stuff done and she is so happy that she is telling every body. I don’t even have to go out and say anything, I just let them do it.

We’re very happy; it’s a solid run, he’s very professional, he’s very caring, and he always goes for the best, he never settles. So, you know that when you get out of the chair, you have the best that anybody can give you and that’s true with his whole staff on down. From the assistants, the hygienists, even the front desk, they’re always striving for the best – your best.