Dexter E. "They work with my schedule"

My dental experiences have varied. I had some offices that would change some of the staff, and then the other times it would be either long term or just me moving around. I relocated a lot due to my job. My experiences have been varied, nothing negative or anything of that nature, but just sometimes a little change in some of the staffing.

The staff here at Dr. Proctor’s office are absolutely above and beyond a sense of feeling like family. They offer you a great sense of information, they offer you very flexible schedule time patterns and then they try to push you ahead of schedule where they kind of book you out months in advance to give you a chance to call in if anything changes.

Dr. Proctor always has a humming voice going on, so he’s always in a good mood. He comes in and kind of relaxes me with any sense of tension about any procedures that’s about to be done. Or just to see if any of the recommendations he’s given me to try and continue my dental hygiene just to make sure everything is going in an improved fashion. He’s always at ease and he always makes me feel like he is just checking in and that he just wants to make sure that everything is going according to what are plans we discussed.

I really feel at here Dr. Proctor’s office, you feel a great sense of community. It’s an established community leader here, providing a service that I think a lot of families and individuals like myself that travel a lot and have a very busy schedule, they really work hard to put you in the schedule and give you a chance to have a good consultation.

I’ve really enjoyed it here, I’ve felt it’s been very, very helpful for me and my dental hygiene, and a great sense of being able to have the smile that I really wanted to have. They’ve been a very important part of that whole task of me discovering everything about what I needed to find out and learn about my dental hygiene and just a good sense of good people, with a good sense of service. I’ve really enjoyed Dr. Proctor’s office and his staff for over ten years, and that is the reason why I continue to come back.