Guy P. Regular Check-ups

From the time you walk in the door, to the time you get back in the chair and everything, everyone that’s here, from the front desk to the staff to obviously Dr. Proctor, it’s been very caring, they’re very genuine in their approach and in taking care of you. I think that’s what people really look for these days, is someone who isn’t just a client, but someone who really is a member of more or less, a community. That’s how I feel when I come here, because everyone has just been really caring and wanting to make sure that your best interests are at heart. That’s what I would say as a referral.

He has this presence to him that kind of puts you at ease, but when it gets into actual conversations about dentistry, he knows his stuff. He’s very knowledgeable and he really enjoys talking about it and you can tell that when he’s talking to you. It’s not just something that he has to do on a daily basis, it’s something that he really cares about and you can tell whenever he’s talking to you about what’s going on with your teeth or gums or whatever the case may be. You can tell he knows, and you can tell he cares and that’s a telltale sign of Dr. Proctor.

It’s a very calming atmosphere that I don’t have any hesitation in going to. I look forward to seeing the people here that I only get to see on a couple occasions every year and it’s a good time. My entire family comes here; so we’ve got my mom and dad who were the first Poorman’s to come here, and then my three brothers; two older brothers and one younger brother. We’ve been coming here for almost twenty-nine years now since we first moved to Texas, so it’s a family thing and I think it’s going to be a generational thing, you know. When we have kids and all that, we are going to pass down Dr. Proctor to the kids, too. So, it’s pretty good times.