Kalyn M. Invisalign

Dr. Proctor’s office is so personable and friendly and they make sure you are completely comfortable. I’ve known their hygienist – I grew up with her daughter so I’ve known her for years – and she always makes me feel so comfortable. Dr. Proctor is very good at being personable and making sure that you are safe and comfortable.

I wanted to get Invisalign because my teeth were really crowded and I had one tooth that was set back from all the others; it made me feel really insecure and made it difficult for me to feel comfortable in photos. I sought out Invisalign because I knew Dr. Proctor did those and it has been the most wonderful experience. My teeth have not looked this way since high school and I never imagined that my teeth could look this way again. It’s really nice to have that connection and know that he understands what I’m going through and that he’s not just a dentist giving me these braces but that he has the personal experience.

I feel like Invisalign is totally worth it. It has been so easy to take care of my braces, and have them in every day. I’m only supposed to have them out for a couple of hours each day but it’s really easy to manage. I’m a really slow eater so I thought it would be difficult for me at first to keep up with that time management but it’s actually so easy. I come here to the dentist office every six weeks to get new braces and even though it’s a little out of my way to come here so often, I love getting to come here and see the staff and they make sure my time is well spent and they make sure that it’s worth it for me to come and that I feel welcome when I come out here; every time.

I really think that Dr. Proctor’s office is a great dentist for people to go to, the staff is so friendly and they constantly make you feel welcome, they know you by name, they make sure they know so much about you and they make you feel like you are part of their family. Dr. Proctor is so educated and he knows so much about dentistry. He’s qualified in many, many areas. He’s done everything from my teeth to my braces and I could not recommend him more.