Kim M. Dr. Proctor is a Perfectionist

In the past, I have had fear prior to being Dr. Proctor’s patient. When you have a dentist actually tell you that the shot is barely going to hurt, was amazing. A perfectionist is the very first thing that comes to mind. Qualified, high standards, there’s a lot that ring true for Dr. Proctor.

Dr. Proctor is a perfectionist, because I actually remember one time I came in for my crown seating and it was in, it was beautiful, it was ready to go, and he put it in and was checking it and doing what he does, making sure it’s perfect, and one little bitty something he didn’t like the way it felt, the way it sat, I don’t know – he absolutely was not going to put it in, he was going to have it perfect and then do that. He was going to reschedule me to come back in and put it in. But I would much rather that than have a problem down the road or have something just not be perfect.

So he’s definitely a perfectionist with the quality of the products he puts in your mouth, he matching of the colors, things like that. He double checks everything and I have never left unhappy. So therefore, he does all the worrying for me, I have no concerns whatsoever about the products, or the quality of the stuff he does.