Kim W. Check-ups & Orthodontics

Oh my gosh, Dr. Proctor has done everything from regular teeth maintenance, to orthodontics on my bottom teeth, to all types of stuff. He’s the only dentist that I’ve ever been to that I never had pain with.

It doesn’t smell like a dentist office, so you don’t walk in and hear the drilling going. The other thing, I didn’t mention this, they get you in and get you out. The wait time isn’t very long, so if my appointment is at eight or nine, I’m pretty sure that I’m going to get in and get out within the time designated that they put me on the schedule.

The staff at Dr. Proctor’s office, it’s not just Dr. Proctor. He doesn’t have a lot turnover. I’ve been going to the same dental hygienist, Lisa, for as long as I can remember. His front desk staff have been with him for years, so again, they get to know you, they know your family, it’s a friendly environment, you’re comfortable and his staff is just absolutely wonderful.

If people ask me about Dr. Proctor, what I would tell them, as far as a dentist he’s up on all the newest and latest technology, I would tell them that Dr. Proctor and his staff are friendly. If people are afraid to go to the dentist, I would just pitch that Dr. Proctor in all the years that I have been coming to him, and all the people that I know that have been coming to him, I’ve never had any pain. And like I said, seriously, my kids are almost eighteen and sixteen, and he’s been working on their teeth since they started having dental work. I just tell them that it is like a family atmosphere; lots of patients that come here have been with Dr. Proctor for years and years and years and years and years.