Ryan M.Invisalign & Veneers

Hi Ryan, thanks for taking time this morning after your appointment just to stop by my office and give us some information on how pleased you’ve been with Dr. Proctor and some of the services that we’ve provided for you, and how you’ve liked them.

I would absolutely say that. Dr Proctor and his staff were excellent, in terms of my care for both my Invisalign as well as my veneer procedure. All of his staff was completely professional. Dr. Proctor was very patient with the requests that I had; the services were excellent. The Invisalign process was easy, carefree, and they also offer the Care Credit, so that was definitely a good thing so thank you very much.

I am happy with the outcome as well as the veneers that came on afterwards. I love my smile, you have improved my confidence and I appreciate everything that you guys have done for me.

Thank you so much, we appreciate you.