Tina H. LANAP surgery

Good morning Tina, thanks for stopping by and just spending an extra little bit of time here from your appointment this morning before you leave here and go to start your day – just to share your experience with the LANAP surgery.

How long have you been a patient of Dr. Proctor’s?

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Proctor’s for six years.

And when did you have the LANAP surgery?

I had that surgery in 2006.

How comfortable was that surgery while you were in the dental chair?

That surgery was very comfortable. Dr. Proctor makes sure you are comfortable. He also lets you listen to music if you would like to and he will give you gas if you request it. I would like to say that I have had the traditional surgery, and it was very uncomfortable. They cut my gums, they scraped my teeth and it was very painful. The LANAP surgery was not painful for me. I know there are people that are going to ask the question, how painful was the LANAP surgery, and I would say, for me, I had no pain.

That’s great. So what was your recovery time after you went home?

My recovery time was very easy. Again, I state that I had no pain. I was advised to not floss and to brush very gently. And the recovery time was a breeze.

So did you just have to not floss for a month or so?

Yes, it was a month, thank you.

And have you found it easy to maintain your gums since the surgery?

It’s been very easy to maintain. I come and see Dr. Proctor and the dental hygienist every four months and the cleanings are very easy.

What have you noticed from your before and after the surgery about your overall health?

My overall health; I feel like before the surgery, I caught colds a lot easier, I might have been sick a little more often. And I understand that a lot of people don’t know that you do have bacteria in your mouth when your gums are not clean. And I feel like that did make me a little more susceptible to colds. And after the surgery, I’ve been much healthier and I haven’t been as susceptible to catch colds. I’ve just done a lot better. My gums do not bleed, and it’s very easy to floss. My breath is fresh now so I have a lot more confidence.

That’s wonderful. Are you happy with the decision that you made and would you recommend that to your friends and family if their dentist recommended that they needed the LANAP surgery?

Yes, I would recommend this surgery to my friends and to my family. My family has been to see Dr. Proctor, they come here and they love him.

Wonderful. Well, thank you again Tina, for taking your time, we hope you have a wonderful day.