Traci B. Regular Cleanings

When I walk in here, it’s very cheerful. Everyone welcomes you, they’re always saying hello, how are you doing, how have you been; it’s very warm, very refreshing. It smells clean, I don’t smell any dental work that is being done, like normal people do when you go into a dental office. It’s very refreshing and everything is very clean.

I love the staff. The staff is awesome. They are so cool. Everyone is so nice, they greet you well, very professional and they make you feel like family when you’re here, which I enjoy very, very much.

He’s very thorough in explaining to you what is going on with your gums, your teeth, the cleaning, if you need fillings or anything like that, he’s very knowledgeable with everything.

I feel more confident in smiling and being open with my talking to people all the time.